Yobba: Youth Beyond Borders Association

Bahar’ın İsveç Gençlik Değişimi Deneyimi


Hello everyone! Im Bahar. Recently, I have attended an Erasmus+ project in Sweden which completely changed my mindset and left me life lasting memories. Not to mention the friendships and new experiences… I would love to start with a metaphor. Imagine you are in a movie and you are going to a summer camp alone, they gather you and tell you in which room will you stay and with whom. Then you are slowly going to your room to meet your roommates knowing that a brand new adventure is starting. Yeah, it is the exact feeling that I experienced. Those people who are in the project becomes your family. The project itself is being your ultimate school that you will learn so much from. And those food will be the most delicious food that you could ever taste. No, im not exaggerating it. The tears that we shed at the very last day of the project had proved that we had it, we had the perfect bond with people. We learned a lot, about ourselves, about life, about cultures, about business models, about meditation and much more.

Thank you YOBBA, for giving me such opportunity that will take place in my heart forever. And thank you my friends, you all brighten my life with your light. I asked myself the question of” is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?” And you know what, it is real life and it waits for you too. No need to be afraid, no need to postpone,no need to find excuses. Apply on every project that you can find and later come thank me.

Baharcan Türkmen.

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