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Alper’in Makedonya Eğitim Kursu Deneyimi


Hi everyone , I am Alper Kartum. I am 19 years old and I am studying Industrial Engineering in Yildiz Technical University. I am on my second year. First of all I want to thank YOBBA for this amazing experience and Project they had given to me. I have been participating in Erasmus projects since September 2021. This was my fifth and most important Project.

Erasmus+ projects gives you the opportunies that you can never find anywhere else. Such as meeting with lots of people from different cultures and countries who are speaking different languages , traveling with a small amount of Money etc. I can count a lot of these things but I don’t want to bore you with these. I just want to say that Erasmus changed my life in general and given me a huge vision and aim in life. In this Project , our topic was ‘Diversity of Youth Identities’ . As I mentioned before , this Project was the most amazing one for me because of the topic and the people. Usually on the projects there are 25-40 people and its really hard for you to get to know everyone in 6-7 days. In this Project there were only 17 participants and it was really intimate. We became best friends as soon as we met and we had amazing time together. Our topic is also really important both in our country and in the World general. We talked about LGBT+ people and their rights , lifes and also we talked about all types of identities and bullying . Those topics were really fragile for most of us and we had so many intimate moments where we were shedding our tears. It was like a therapy for most of us and it was really nice to know that noone is alone and noone has to go through anything alone.


Alper Kartum

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