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Ahmet’in İsveç Gençlik Değişimi Deneyimi


First of all, Hello, I am Ahmet Ekinci, Im from Türkiye, a Maritime Business Administration student at Dokuz Eylul University. At the same time, I play the guitar and sing as a hobby and I am engaged in website creation. After briefly introducing myself, I would like to briefly summarize my training course adventure in Sweden. I had the chance to participate in this excellent project that took place between 9 and 17 May in Gothenburg, Sweden. On my first day at the project, I was very excited to get to know new people and new cultures, and at the same time, I was also excited about the projects we would do and develop.

We caught an incredible energy from the first day of our friends in the project, we felt as if we had been friends for years, not as if we saw each other for the first time. My roommates were from Spain, Slovakia, Ukraine and Greece. We all had a business idea in the workshops, and we formed teams within the framework of this business idea, presented our ideas and worked on it. I think these workshops give us the ability to think analytically and manage talents. Besides, we had so much fun in the evenings that we danced for 6 hours, and every evening we were producing an activity for ourselves, for example, we were lighting a fire and singing songs. Even though I sang the songs in Turkish, they accompanied me and had so much fun that my friends in the project were constantly motivating me to teach me guitar as well. In addition, we were hiking and enjoying the beautiful nature of Sweden. If you were to ask what day I enjoyed the most, it was the night we introduced our own culture, we played games, sang songs, ate cultural meals and learned a lot about our countries. I have collected so many memories in 9 days that I do not believe that the pages are enough to explain. I will always keep the well wishes letters they wrote for me. I would like to thank YOBBA association for providing this opportunity, but also to my team and friends who made me experience the best week of my life.

Ahmet Ekinci



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